Since 2022, Forward Global has adopted the French legal framework of Société à Mission

With this at its core, Forward Global strives to:

As part of this commitment, Forward Global actively takes into account the social, societal, and environmental impacts of its operations.

Informing Strategic Thinking

Developing strategic analyses that can be used to improve operational resilience

Publishing over twenty white papers annually

Organizing 350 workshops and conferences  every year

Monitoring the global tech environment and producing studies on emerging digital threats

Forward Global Insight: regular policy briefs on the key issues shaping policy

The Forward Global Angle: our podcast on global business and geopolitical issues

Forward Global Research : exclusive studies published by our experts

Building Trust

Reviewing and implementing compliance programs

Conducting compliance investigations

Implementation of ethical standards and procedures

Identifying and removing copyright-infringing content from the Internet

Protecting against online disinformation campaigns

Creating a network or ecosystem of trust

Reducing the visibility of harmful content  posted online

Supporting Growth

Carrying out due diligence investigations on behalf of investors and shareholders

Guiding tender strategies for international bids

Technical and institutional support for export initiatives

Establishing economic consortia

Deploying public relations strategies

Strengthening a firm’s local footprint in new markets

Strengthening Integrity

Combating corruption, money laundering and the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT)

Ensuring sanctions compliance and supply chain integrity

First level security audits (CSPN)

Disrupting and stopping illicit markets

Analyzing online disinformation campaigns

External auditing of ESG commitments

Mitigating Risks

Cybersecurity assessments and audits

Investment risk management

Reputation management for executives, firms, and institutions

Anticipating and mitigating political and regulatory risks

Collecting, studying and sharing information related to cyberattacks (Cyber threat intelligence – CTI)

Country risk analysis

Crisis Management

Incident response (Computer security incident response team – CSIRT)

Litigation communications 

Supporting internal and external investigations

Research and evidence assessments

Crisis communications and online reputation management

Asset tracing and recovery

Protecting Companies and their Clients

Facilitating constructive shareholder dialogue

Reducing economic and health risks associated with illicit markets

Strengthening compliance mechanisms

Securing personal data

Competition and regulatory advice