Evanesco is a deep data deletion service that is offered to businesses and individuals to ensure that data stored on their IT equipment is completely erased securely and permanently. This service may be necessary to guarantee the confidentiality of sensitive data, prevent theft or malicious use, or comply with data protection regulations. This service typically includes an assessment of the IT environment, a risk analysis, the implementation of a data deletion policy, the use of deep deletion tools, and certification of data destruction.


Superficially deleted data can be recovered by malicious parties or data recovery software.

Deep data deletion is essential to protect the privacy of individuals and companies, especially for sensitive data such as medical information, financial data, personal identities, etc. 

Data protection regulations, such as the GDPR in Europe, require companies and organizations to adopt measures to protect personal data and guarantee its permanent deletion. 

Deep data deletion can help prevent data theft and data leaks, which can cause significant financial and reputational damage to businesses and organizations. 

Finally, in-depth deletion is an important step at the end of an IT equipment’s life, to prevent its data from falling into the wrong hands.


Technology Platforms

Technology Platforms