UBIK Learning Academy

In-house training is a key factor in enabling employees to acquire new skills and remain competitive in the job market. However, traditional corporate training can prove inefficient and costly. E-learning platforms offer an innovative solution to revolutionize the way companies manage employee training. They enable greater flexibility, customization of training courses, assessment of skills and results, as well as a reduction in costs. With the rapid evolution of technologies and skills required in the professional world, it is crucial for companies to adapt and adopt innovative training methods to remain competitive. UBIK Learning Academy responds to the challenges of large-scale professional training by “gamifying” the training process to encourage its adoption by your employees.


Employees’ skill sets must be constantly updated to remain competitive in the market. 

Technological and regulatory changes require constant adaptation of employees’ skills.

Training can improve productivity and employee satisfaction by developing their skills and confidence.

Well-trained employees are more likely to stay with the company over the long term, reducing recruitment and integration costs. 

Companies that invest in employee training often enjoy a better reputation among customers and prospective employees.


The UBIK Learning Academy platform enables you to offer gamified and engaging training courses via the following functionalities: 

The UBIK Learning Academy platform has been created to make it easy for you to create unique, fully customizable courses:


Technology Platforms

Technology Platforms