Investment Strategy & Intelligence

To accelerate and secure our clients’ growth, our teams provide them with a better understanding of their competitive, political and financial environments. Our expertise offers clients vital strategic information to support or adapt their market penetration strategies.


Support for projects in over 160 countries between 2018 and 2022


Local authorities supported between 2018 and 2022



Value of strategic projects supported between 2020 and 2022


  • In-depth understanding of global and local geopolitical issues impacting business environments
  • Bringing to bear a global perspective to help companies and organizations adapt to global changes and compete on the international stage (analysis of political, economic, social, and cultural trends and developments)
  • Identifying risks and opportunities for businesses and organizations
  • Forecasting geopolitical risks impacting business, investments, and operations (border issues, availability of natural resources, impact of conflicts, analysis of the monetary system, analyzing regional or local political governance, etc.)
  • Support in implementing strategies for expansion in (and access to) emerging and complex markets
  • Access to an international network of political, economic and social analysts to support initiatives and projects
  • Understanding local communities, cultures and customs to facilitate intercultural relations and communication
  • Training internal teams in geopolitical issues to improve understanding and decision-making
  • Assessing and monitoring political risks and economic instability in countries where companies wish to set up operations or invest. Potential risks include creeping expropriations or forced nationalizations, armed conflict, terrorism, political instability, restrictive regulations, etc.
  • Assessing fraud and corruption risks in a given country, as well as the risks of non-compliance with local laws and regulations
  • Assessing the risks of non-compliance with social, environmental or ethical standards for investors in a given country
  • Monitoring evolution in the threat of armed conflict in a given region or country
  • Analysis of the food security situation in a given country, as well as environmental risks such as natural disasters, epidemics, and climate change
  • In-depth investigations in pre-contractual or pre-investment contexts
  • Detailed analysis of market trends and developments to identify opportunities and threats
  • In-depth understanding of competitors as well as their strategies and innovations
  • Identifying a company’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to its competitive environment
  • Assessing the impact of regulations and technological developments on a market
  • Setting up a sector-specific monitoring system to stay abreast with market developments and new trends
  • Market analysis, including definition of the economic or technical scope, data collection and analysis, competition assessment, risk and opportunity identification, development of action plans, etc.
  • Analysis and management of risks linked to market and competition requirements, as well as non-financial constraints
  • Identifying and mapping stakeholders, including clients, prospects, partners, subcontractors, competitors, training centers, opinion leaders, local authorities and public officials, local elected representatives, etc.
  • Improving bid offerings, including helping to define a marketing, support and pricing strategy, secure distribution channels and supplies, and tailored sales pitches for different target audiences
  • Identifying stakeholders and decision-making channels to help remove administrative and technical barriers
  • Identifying local partners to facilitate market entry and adaptation to local requirements
  • Conducting studies to help companies meet regulatory compliance, safety, and ethical standards, with a view to mitigating the legal, financial, and reputational risks associated with non-compliance
Territorial economic development
  • Identifying public and private funding sources
  • Mobilizing investors and project developers
  • Steering of industrial turnaround strategies
  • Structuring of territorial development plans
  • Supporting responses to local tenders
  • Setting up or relocating economic operations
  • Revitalizing industrial and regional assets
  • Conducting impact and sizing assessments
Place branding
  • Promoting a territory’s economic attractiveness
  • Profile-raising for cities and regions
  • Conducting image audits and competitiveness assessments
  • Diversification and internationalization of development sources
  • Promoting local bids with a view to being awarded certifications
  • Creating and supporting the development of regional certifications
  • Design of regional preference policies
Territorial economic intelligence
  • Identifying and assessing potential markets
  • Search for local and international partners
  • Pre-contractual and pre-litigation investigations
  • Assistance with technical, commercial and regulatory documentation
  • Verifying operational compliance
  • Raising companies’ awareness of economic intelligence and the protection of innovation
  • Qualifying and evaluating strategic projects’ financial and economic viability to ensure their feasibility and profitability
  • Support in understanding public, private, national and international funding mechanisms to identify potential financing sources
  • Provision of access to networks of financial and institutional partners
  • Support in drafting funding applications and project proposals
  • Implementing monitoring systems for funding opportunities

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