Uncovery is a French cybersecurity start-up specializing in External Attack Surface Management (EASM), founded in March 2021.


Additional visibility over exposed assets


Average mapping time for a large corporation


Over 200 clients every year (major groups, critical operators, MNOs/SMEs, ministries, local authorities, etc)


The digital transformation of organizations is leading to a lack of control over assets exposed on the Internet, which benefits hackers.

Uncovery helps public and private sector players control their exposure using offensive methodologies. 

To achieve this, Uncovery provides a 100% automated SaaS product that spotlights exposed assets on the Internet and their level of risk, in order to guard against cyberthreats.

The product of five years of R&D, our platform has automated and industrialized the various steps carried out by an attacker during their reconnaissance phase, all driven by algorithms based on the latest technologies. 


Identification & Monitoring

Analysis & Steering

Reporting & Integration

Third-party risk management – Cyber Security Rating


Technology Platforms

Technology Platforms