Combating Illicit Trade

For more than 20 years, Forward Global’s teams have supported institutions and companies in tackling illicit markets and organized crime, which affect their business models and reputations while harming public health and safety, the environment, and business ethics, with far-reaching repercussions for public order and national budgets.


Worldwide in reporting copyright infringements on Google Search


Cultural works protected annually


In-depth investigations carried out every year



Pieces of illicit online content detected every year


Our experts support actors in the creative industries, television operators, sports leagues and film studios affected by linear (IPTV, live streaming, card sharing) and non-linear piracy.

We offer a range of services and expertise to combat the piracy of cultural works, by understanding both the illicit supply and underlying demand. Our clients benefit from our LeakID™ and Rivendell™ platforms dedicated to detecting copies of copyright-protected content on the Internet and automating the process of securing their reporting and removal.

Forward Global’s Brand Protection teams work with companies affected by counterfeiting, falsification, misappropriation for misuse, smuggling, parallel markets, and unauthorized distribution that infringe companies’ intellectual property, including products, patents, designs, models and brands. We provide support in analyzing the markets impacted and identifying and disrupting the human, logistical and financial networks associated with illicit activity. Our work helps our clients strengthen standards, mobilize stakeholders, and raise consumer awareness.

Forward Global analyzes and combats the trade in goods whose marketing contravenes local, regional or international standards, including the trafficking of artworks and antiques, currency, agri-food products and sensitive technologies.

The illegal exploitation of natural resources is a major ecological, ethical, economic and security issue, as it is one of the primary funding sources for international terrorism and cross-border crime. Our teams are capable of contributing to the fight against the trafficking of raw materials (illegal exploitation of timber, hydrocarbons, mineral resources), poaching, illegal fishing, and the trafficking of sensitive waste.

Forward Global offers a multi-disciplinary support package dedicated to on-chain technologies, dubbed SP3AR. We provide a number of tools to assist in the response to challenges posed by the use of Web 3.0 innovations for fraudulent or criminal purposes (NFT counterfeiting, trademark rights infringement in the metaverse, illicit financing in cryptocurrencies, etc.), including regulatory and compliance support, due diligence and investigations, auditing and cybersecurity monitoring.

To reduce the risk of exposure to organized crime, child pornography and human rights violations, particularly in its supply chains, Forward Global carries out compliance checks and investigations on behalf of international companies, online platforms, and technical intermediaries.

Forward Global’s dedicated entities

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