The digitalization of third-party assessment and management processes is now a key element of a company’s compliance strategy. The implementation of a dedicated platform makes it possible to centrally monitor third-party risks, secure exchanges with third parties, and efficiently manage due diligence and compliance. Combining the analysis and expertise of our consulting teams, the Dilitrack® platform offers our clients an efficient, centralized means of managing their requests from various internal stakeholders, as well as their budgets. Can be integrated with other compliance and due diligence management tools for a comprehensive, coherent solution.


Countries of operation


Annual reports per year


Need to communicate and access all third party assessment reports centrally and securely 

Ability to track and trace all exchanges

Reduced risk of errors and data loss thanks to automated processes 

Improved collaboration between stakeholders thanks to real-time communications

Compliance with applicable data protection and commercial relationship management regulations


The Dilitrack® solution, developed by the Forward Global team, provides a secure platform for clients to order, track, and receive their due diligence reports, and thus gain an overall view of the integrity of their third parties. 


The main features of the Dilitrack® platform:


Technology Platforms

Technology Platforms