Forward Global has over 120 information systems security engineers and experts. Our cybersecurity practice enables us to ensure the continuous protection of our clients’ information assets, conduct security audits, secure applications, and respond to incidents. Our experience allows us to engage in cybersecurity training and awareness-raising for a wide audience, as well as to devote a significant amount of time to R&D and technical innovation.

+ 1,500

Over 1,500 security audits conducted annually across all sectors

+ 120

Over a hundred engineers, analysts and technical experts across the group

+ 200

Over 200 clients supported every year (multinational companies, SMEs, government ministries, local authorities)


Forward Global’s dedicated entities

Our cyber subsidiaries

Our laboratory for processing and recovering sensitive and large datasets

Our platform for real-time offensive assessment of web application security

Our SaaS cyber training platform


Our SaaS cyber mapping solution