Forward Global, OPA

Antoine Basbous is a political scientist and specialist in the Arab-Islamic world and Islamist terrorism. In 1991, he founded the Observatoire des Pays Arabes (OPA) in Paris, which he has headed ever since, and which became part of the Forward Global group in 2021. This is a totally independent consultancy specializing in North Africa, the Middle East, the Gulf and the Islamic world in general. Antoine Basbous studied law, French literature, information and communications, and holds a doctorate in political science. Antoine Basbous has published several essays translated into different languages, including Guerres secrètes au Liban, (Gallimard, 1987); L’Islamisme, une révolution avortée? (Hachette, 2000); L’Arabie saoudite en question, du wahhabisme à Bin Laden, (Perrin, 2002); L’Arabie saoudite en guerre (Tempus, 2004); Le tsunami arabe, (Fayard, 2011). He is consulted by leading European companies, governments and courts, and regularly takes part in debates on the crises gripping the Arab and Islamic worlds, on terrorism and on the relations between Islam and the West.