Forward Global, Ubik Learning Academy

Azziz ERRIME, a fervent AppSec enthusiast, is the founder of UBIK learning academy. Leveraging his experience as Head of Application Security at Orange Cyberdefense, Azziz identified the shortcomings of traditional training and was inspired to innovate in order to address the challenges posed by large-scale professional training.
UBIK learning academy brings innovation by blending gamification and collaborative learning to transform the learning experience. The platform offers personalized, engaging, and occupation-specific training paths. With a dedicated cyber-range, participants have the opportunity to practice in a realistic context safely, without any risk of damage to their information systems.
Driven by his passion for application security, Azziz ERRIME continues to actively share his knowledge and is committed to assisting businesses in effectively training their staff. His scope of action now extends well beyond development teams, touching a multitude of areas related to cybersecurity. Through his dedication and expertise, Azziz is redefining how cybersecurity is taught and perceived, positioning UBIK learning academy as a key partner for businesses wishing to effectively and engagingly enhance their employees’ cybersecurity skills.