Océane Behaghel


After spending five years at EY as a consultant working in various fields (Audit, Finance, Strategy Consulting, Due Diligence), I joined the group in 2022 to support our CFO with all the issues facing a company under LBO in the middle of an acquisition phase. Forward Global has experienced tremendous external and organic growth in France and abroad in a very short space of time (going from turnover of €20 million in 2019 to €80 million in 2023).

My job requires a high degree of adaptability in the context of structuring, and consists in responding both to the commercial demands of operational staff (responding to calls for tender, CRM management, and carrying out ongoing analyses or projects on our tool) and the financial requirements of investment funds, shareholders, and bankers. This involves switching between an oversight role, particularly in relation to our group’s international offices, and more technical or legal matters, such as drafting legal documents, co-management of our group’s CSR initiatives (B-Corp certification, carbon referencing), analyses of employee headcount, drafting of slides and visual tools for presentations to investment funds, consolidation of financial data at group level (particularly in the context of quarterly or monthly closings), as well as the implementation of a new ERP system.


Romain Grandjean


After co-founding the communications agency 35°Nord in 2012, we joined the Forward Global group in 2021. My work is built on three pillars, all of which have the same common denominator: being at the heart of the reactor. The first of these entails creating the conditions for our agency, 35°Nord, to continue the growth trajectory it has maintained since it was first established…

Julia Niore


I began my Forward Global adventure by joining DGM Conseil in March 2023, when DGM became part of the Group. 

After working for ten years as a criminal lawyer with high-profile clients, I decided to devote myself fully to the communications industry. On a day-to-day basis, we support companies…

Mélodie Zerba

Risk Management Business Development Director

After spending seven years in business development and communication roles in the insurance sector within a highly entrepreneurial family company, I wanted to join a fast-growing company that would still operate on a human scale. It was important for me to be able to maintain the internal agility that enables me to make proposals…

Guillaume Doane


If I were to sum up my role in the group in two words, I would say that I “build bridges.” As Consulting Director for the communications agency 35°Nord, I manage multiple accounts in which we leverage the firm’s strong track record in Francophone Africa to deliver unparalleled expertise in strategic communications, public relations, and digital influence to other parts of the continent…